Where are you on the highway (Sydney Road)?
A & R is on the left hand side travelling north. About 300 metres up the hill from Camp Road/Mahoneys Road, just past A-Mart and Hello Hello Plant Nursery. We are directly opposite Bolinda Road.

Do you sell roof tiles?

No we do not sell roof tiles.

Do you sell locks and handles for fly screen or security doors?
No we do not sell locks for fly screen doors.

Are you open public holidays?
We are closed on all designated public holidays.

Do you sell furniture?
No we sell do not sell furniture. We sell building materials.

What do you buy?
We buy building materials.

Do you buy from the public?
Yes, depending on what the goods are. Best to contact us first. By law Identification such as a drivers licence is required to be presented and the details documented by A & R Secondhand.

Do you sell appliances?
No we not sell or deal in appliances such as ovens, washing machines, stoves, hot water services and the like.

Do you sell hot water services?
No we do not sell hot water services.

Do you sell bricks?
Yes we sell bricks.

Do you deliver bricks?
No we do not deliver bricks or blue stones.

Do you offer a delivery service?
Yes we have a 6 metre tray truck and utility we use for deliveries.

How much is delivery?
Delivery starts at $30 (just around the corner) and goes up from there.

Do you deliver to the country?
Yes we can deliver to the country. Please ask A&R for a quotation.

Do you deliver interstate?
Yes we can deliver interstate. Please ask A&R for a quotation.

Can I order aluminum windows?
Yes, we can provide a quotation and delivery of new aluminium in a range of colours and stock sizes.

What colour aluminium windows and doors do you sell?
Black, White, Primrose and Paperbark are our stock colours. Jasper, Silverpearl, and Woodland Grey are available on request.

Do you have aluminium sliding doors in stock?
Yes, we have a stock of doors in most sizes available. Our stock colours are black, white, primrose, paperbark and woodland grey. Taking into account left hand and right hand doors and the 8 sizes there are 70 different combinations of sizes, openings and colours. We may not have every combination in stock at one time, please enquire to see if your item is available.

Can I order aluminium sliding doors?
Yes, we can order the door you need at no extra charge. It takes approximately 15 working days to arrive.

Do you sell glass?
We sell second hand glass window sashes.

Do you cut glass to size?
No we do not cut glass

Do you sell toilet cisterns (water tanks)?
Sometimes we have secondhand toilet cisterns. These days toilet suites are so cheap at the big hardware chains we often tell customers they are better off buying a new unit with a guarantee.

Do you sell toilet bowls (pans)?
Yes we have a good selection of toilet pans but not cisterns.

Do you sell insulation batts?
Yes we generally have some insulation in stock. Best if you enquire first to make sure we have your requirements in stock.

Do you sell chipboard and MDF?
Yes we have a great range of boards in stock.

So you cut chipboard to size?
Yes we have table saw capable of ripping sheets up to 3600.

How much is your cutting service?
We charge $1 per cut. On big orders we may charge a square metre rate including the material and the cutting. Please ask for a quotation.